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Mar 27, 2024

We have all heard that humans are social creatures that seek connection with others. The importance of connection in our personal lives cannot be disputed, but is connection with those we work with necessary? Each person will say for themselves what they are comfortable with and what they want out of their workplace and those they share that space with, and maintaining healthy boundaries between work and personal life is crucial, but I do think there is something to be said about having a genuine connection with those you work with.


I previously worked in a large company where there was much opportunity for growth, many departments, and no shortage of people on every team call. There were many things that I thoroughly enjoyed about working there, yet there was a lack of connection between me and those I worked with. My workdays were spent working things out (and often struggling) on my own, and there were not many opportunities for collaboration with my coworkers, which contributed to some of the loneliest work experiences I’ve had.

When thinking back on this situation from a business perspective I see that ensuring space is made for collaboration and constant communication within each team is crucial. Having doors closed to collaboration between team members can lead to time being spent by multiple people to solve the same problem and can also lead to those people feeling isolated and unsupported.

Shifting to now…

I am working with a smaller team where we continuously work together and rely on each other to get things done. Collaboration is sought out by all and is talked about and celebrated regularly! I don’t have to be best friends with each person on my team, but I can honestly say that I feel a genuine connection with each and every one. Working with people who appreciate my help, celebrate our wins, and work hard alongside me has made such an incredible difference in how I feel about coming to work each day, and is something that I feel would benefit every workplace.

Now, what are some of the ways that we can drive connectedness at work? Below are some of the things that I have observed, and that I think drive this connection within the team.

Get to know each other

This may seem like a silly thing to call out, but it is important. Being intentional in your communication to your team to show each team member that you want to know about them is invaluable. Make opportunities for people to share about themselves, their families, their hobbies, etc. Taking the time to learn more about those we work with allows us to make small connections, which build up a strong, more meaningful connection over time.

Maintain a kind and respectful environment

This is a big one! What this boils down to for me is making sure that people are shown that they can be their genuine selves whenever engaging within the team and still be treated with kindness and respect. Working in an environment where people are held accountable for how they treat others shows everyone that this is important to leadership and to the business!

Host social events

Workplaces allowing remote work options brings many benefits to their employees, including better work-life balance, though it can contribute to employees feeling a lack of connection with our team. One thing that can help promote better connection in the workplace is to have face-to-face time with those we work with. When possible, providing an option for people to get together in person is great, but there are an increasing number of ways to engage people remotely and promote social connection within the team online.

All in all, working with other humans can be messy business. We will have good days, we will struggle, we will have some misses and some wins. And having a team that sees us for the imperfect humans that we are and shows up with us in kindness and with empathy can make all the difference in how we show up.


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