Author: Sabrina Esquerra

The Art of Effective Agendas and why following them matters

In a world that seems to thrive on chaos and constant change, the age-old agenda might seem like an unnecessary speed bump when adaptability and the ability to be agile is such a valued trait. Well, not so in this writer’s opinion. In both personal and professional settings, the importance of good agendas, and possibly more importantly, the discipline to follow them cannot be overstated.  A well-structured agenda is crucial and adhering to it can make a significant difference to the health of your project. A good agenda serves as a roadmap for any business meeting or endeavor.  It outlines...

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Uncovering the Hidden Node Issues

A Guide to Installing and Configuring APs for a Wireless Solution Introduction In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, wireless solutions have become integral to our everyday lives. From homes to businesses, schools to healthcare facilities, the demand for reliable and efficient wireless connectivity has skyrocketed. However, installing and configuring Access Points (APs) for a wireless solution can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with hidden node issues. In this blog, we will delve into what hidden nodes are, why they matter, and how to address them during the installation...

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Wi-Fi Channel Overlap and Interference

Introduction There is a lot that goes into configuring a strong, healthy wireless solution, and one of those areas of focus is Wi-Fi Channel Overlap and Interference. However, it’s not a simple focus, it is multi-faceted.  Following are the high-level points that need to be considered and addressed. 2.4 GHz Channels The 2.4 GHz spectrum is in total only 100 MHz wide. While there are up to 13 channels that can be selected, only 3 channels (1, 6, 11) provide non-overlapping channels. Each of these channels have a width of 20 Mhz. Overlapping channels can lead to Co-Channel Interference...

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